IMALA can help you to manage your brain to manage your life!

We at IMALA combine three powerful techniques - brainwave entrainment, frequency therapy, and hemisphere synchronization, together with positive affirmations - to bring about the changes you want to make to your life. IMALA provides a bespoke service designed to benefit you and you alone, based on your own personal 'wish list'.


IMALA Level 5,000 Universal Healing

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Personal Development CD

This CD is thee most powerful CD of it's kind on the market today, it cost over £5,300 to produce and it contains all healing frequencies, personal empowerment and development frequencies, brain hemisphere synchronization and powerful affirmations that will help with all aspect of your life. Price £30.00 GBP.

If you prefer to download our CD directly onto your computer via a special download link the cost will be just £25.00 to download immediately.

Order yours today by calling 01704 823 473.



Harness the brain power of Einstein and enjoy greater success in life...

The brain comprises of two hemispheres, only one of which will mainly be active at any one time. Pioneering research by the Monroe Insitute in the US shows that the power of both hemispheres can be combined to produce a focussed, highly productive, coherent mind-brain state. It has been suggested that genius's such as Albert Einstein are charactertised by a higher than normal degree of brain hemisphere synchronization. We can help you to achieve the same!


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Our sister company "What Lies Ahead"

offers a range of supportive services which will further enhance those offered by IMALA


Change your life now

by managing your brain with our help!

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Manage your brain to manage your life!

Most of us understand that our brain influences all aspects of our well-being. What is perhaps less well understood is that we can actually 'manage' the way in which our brain works, and as a result, can help us to bring about improvments to our life. Calling us could be a life changing experience!


Call us today to change your life!

Credit/Debit Card Consultations: 01704 823 473 calls cost 50p per minute. 11.30am - 11.30pm GMT, 7 days per week.

You must be 18yrs + to use our services.

Please do NOT call outside of these hours, thank you!

Our customer service line is also open from: 11.30am - 11.30pm GMT, 7 days per week.

Call: 01704 823 473.

Our friendly staff and consultants are passionate about helping you to the better life you deserve, empowering you to have that positive new life you never thought possible and which can come from our specialist services and dedicated expertise. To us, NOTHING is impossible! Give us your wish list for life and let us make it happen for you it really is that simple!

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Download a copy of our Terms and Conditions here.

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